Tuesday, February 28, 2006


A DIRECT LINK to the book on books.google.
See Comments below for More detail about the ONLINE publication!

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Buzz Creek said...

Who would have thought? www.books.google.com search "Junction County Road 197) You can even search by word or phrase within the book! This link - below - will take you to the cover of the book. Go to www.incountry.blogspot.com for a direct link to the book!

Vic's Book - "Junction: County Road 197" (Mild Adventure for The Armchair Ruralist" is online now. Anybody can read it! Even people in China - or Australia! It has been out of print for a long time, but now it is back - but ONLINE! And for now, it is free. I may put a fee on the whole book after awhile, but first I want to feel the thrill of blowing away another few thousand dollars. Somehow - ever since even BEFORE my disastrous encounter with our local UN-ethical Cable TV company (and its minions - - - Let me make a plug here for Satellite TV in Sussex County, NJ!) - losing big hand-fulls of cash has been a consistent Rule#1 in my business practice.

The book changed my life in a lot of ways. It opened some doors. It closed others. One door it opened was an invitation to ride an Aegis Cruiser back in '93 and relive my Navy days. (Forever I am thankful to Capt. Dallas Bethea, of USS Cowpens CG-63, a great American). From that, a renewed interest in the Navy arose www.ussocallahan.org. I began to visit and interview old sailors. This led to a film documentary about the USS Houston in 1997 (and website at www.usshouston.org). (The LAST STAND OF THE USS HOUSTON (Death Becomes The Ghost) is being re-released in DVD in March and will include a lot of extras not in the VHS version) Other veterans and other older folks with stories from history became subjects for my camera. So far, there is no financial gain from all this (see Rule #1 above) but it has been a very interesting ride.

My dream for the book down the road? I'd like to do a follow up. "What ever happened to ..... ?" The photos in the book came out superb! Uncle Bobby - the barber in Panama City, Florida looks great! He had a major stroke about two weeks ago and is in very poor condition now at a nursing home. Last visit home to help with Ivan recovery, my brother and I took some time to eat dozens and dozens of Apalachicola Bay oysters (the book explains why these are the best) with him and Aunt Louise. I'm glad we did.

Meanwhile, I pursue video features that can be interesting to local or worldwide interest and put them into my blogs which are "video blogs" or "video channels" that link off of www.me3tv.com. This is going somewhere. I hope. Rule#1 may have to move down the list at some point though.

Vic Campbell
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