Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Pastor Phil's NYC Taxi

"Philip Frabosilo is a minister in New York City. His church: a yellow cab, medallion number 3C49. Lovingly adorned with personal photographs, plastic flowers, and whimsical toys, Philip’s partition-less cab is designed for comfort and decorated to encourage conversation."
This is continued at the Brooklyn Museum website. Recently, on Nov 9 he was featured on NPR.
He is a star in the documentary film - Gotham Fish Tales. I have a copy. I recommend it to anyone interested in NYC or in real people or in fishing - fishing wherever. I understand "Rolling For Jesus" is a classic as well. Read more about Phil at Block Magazine and New York City Voices .
Uncle Vic was in NYC in May to work on some video for All Points Tours and this opportunity came up as one of those random events of everyday life. (TRT+10min)
Recent Article.


Anonymous said...

My family just took a ride with Pastr Phil and he's the real thing. In a 15 min ride he passed out food to 4 sad souls on the street (sometimes stopping at green lights to the annoyance of all other drivers).

I usually hate it when cabbies speak to me, but in thhis case I was very glad he did.

Buzz Creek said...

Glad you posted that. He is one of those people who make the world a better place. We are blessed to have had a few minutes with him in his cab. www.me3tv.org