Sunday, February 19, 2006

King of Winter - Video Poem

Send this link to your friends. (use the envelope at the bottom right of the post) Give them a taste of winter. This is one of a dozen planned video poems by MJ Trenkler who keeps a blog at Scarlett's Rhymes. This elk was shot in a snowstorm in Beemerville, New Jersey. Space Farms, Zoo and Museum is there. I can hardly wait to show you the bison romping in the snow there. All these scenes are in a "relaxation" video available for nursing homes from Activity Therapy, or from Buzz Creek and other national sources. It is scenes from this "SNOWFALL SERENADE" that are finding new purpose in the "SNOWETRY" videos containing the words and wonder of MJ Trenkler. Look on her blog or search this blog for more "SNOWETRY" titles.
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