Saturday, January 07, 2006

11th Armored Div Archives WWII

All this relates to some WWII Archives: See one result at CustomFlix.
I wish. At least they had a few buckaroos. I am more like one of the
shepherd's helper's servant's cousin's neighbor's mother's brother.
Vic (see our mission trip to KY last year)
You'd appreciate that.
FROM PRES 11th Armored:
That is very kind of you to prepare the way with Ray for Bob.....(In this Season of Epiphany, are you sure that you are not one of the Magi?) Bob.
From Vic: I think that is possible. I probably should take a hike down there in a few weeks and see if I can prep him a little ahead of time...will mark it on my calendar.
Dear Vic,Edward ("Ted") Ardery is our immediate past President of the Eleventh Armored Division Association, and a graduate of West Point. I have just received this email from him. He is suggesting that perhaps it might be wise were you to be present when Bob Pfeiffer picks up thememorabilia on March 24th. 2006 might be a possibility? ....and work with Bob Pfeiffer to load histruck?Thanks, Bob Moffat.

From Ted: Sometime before I went on a Christmas trip, Ray had asked me to get in touch with West Point and see if they would be willing to accept the material he had collected over the years. He estimated that there would be some 14 boxes. My relations with Ray are reasonable. I was his company commander during part of our service in the division. He frequently asks me to intercede on specific matters with our division I had told him I would talk to the people at West Point.The Archives up at West Point are kept in two places. One the Association of Graduates and the other the West Point Museum. I had talked to a lady in the Association of Graduates (AOG) and she said the AOG would take them and anything useful would be kept and the rest turned over to the museum which she said takes everything. It would probably ease Ray's pain if someone like Vic should be there for Ray to let Bob get started. I think it is up to you to take the next step. I will help if you need it. Ted Ardery
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