Thursday, January 05, 2006

Lighthouse Mission - KY 2005

The First Presbyterian Church of Sparta undertook a mission to Pineville, KY to help the Lighthouse Mission in its effort there. Pineville is one of those small American towns where the last 50 years of progress has forced large changes in opportunities and career options - usually not for the better. The coal mining industry made it a boom town at one time. Pineville is a thriving community today - but only for a fraction of the area population. A large portion of BellCounty's economy has yet to adapt to, or find a replacement for the old coal economy. Some coal mining still exists, but it is not a profitable as the "big" operations out West. The church added to its mission a task to refurbish an old house to be used for a "halfway-house". Things are improving for Pineville. Retiree's are moving back to where they grew up. They bring their own needs and boost the economy in ways far different from the old days. Sparta and Pineville Participants will get an extended DVD of this mission trip. The week long mission was a valuable experience for those who participated. (The rough draft of this video is HERE on this blog).
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