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Life Magazine February 1, 1954 From RG

Korea prisoners released from prison :French teach Vietnamese soldiers to fightearly memories and the start of interest Life Magazine February 1, 1954 : Color Cover - Canvas pants in tropical wardrobe. Korea prisoners released from prison by Joe Scherschel and Jun Miki. Full page color Old Forester ad - art by Nulsen. French teach Vietnamese soldiers to fight.
I was 7 and half years old in the middle of the second grade Feb. 1954.
I watch some of soldier-guys on TV coming back ,but that could of been Spring /Summer before in 1953 on TV when I was still six before starting the Second Grade or just ending the First Grade. I remember asking my Dad ," why were the guys from WW2 just coming back now " ,because I knew my dad was in WW2 and he came back and got married,so it had been 7 years. He told me that there had been another War in Korea since then and that it was over and I had two Uncles who were in it ( years later I learned that that was Uncle Nap of Iwo fame who had decided to join Army this time and whose assignment of all possible duties was in supporting the Korean Marines and Uncle Omer who stayed in the Army after fighting in the Philippines in WW2 and was a paratrooper in Korean Conflict) .
I remember soon after asking my Mother , "Who were we fighting in that War " and she said "The Reds"; so, I then asked "Redskins?". "No" she reply "The Communist" .Then I remember asking, "Are the Communist Yellow like the Japs or White like the Germans?.She then said "They come in all colors". I then said "that would make it hard to figure out who the bad guys
are" and she quickly followed up with " that is right". So this started my not so well grounded history of the Korean War. Since my Mother just had her 4th child reporting in for duty in May
1952 and with me the oldest with a birth date of Sept. 1946 ; maybe she was just a little distracted at the time!?!
Rob Gagnon
March 1, 1954 LIFE MAGAZINE
must be Paris Island Problem Drownings?Rob Gagnon

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