Saturday, January 07, 2006

Tracking Stocks

CLEAR STATION . I gave up using newspapers to track stocks a long time ago. There are plenty of online brokers and there are good arguments for having a live broker. Regardless, this site, among others is useful to track any number of stocks without the fine print of the financials pages of a newspaper. Clearstation will give you a regular report (even daily) on any stock selection. No obligation to use e-trade either. The graphs and comparisons you can make are very helpful. As a for-instance,I track WEN (Wendy's Hamburgers) because years ago when it was at $6 (and I had a real job), I got a hundred shares and offered 10 shares to my nieces and nephews for half price. So - 4 of them gave me $30 each. There are two remaining shareholder nephews (the others sold out -I sent them a check- at about $20 or $25). It has not been one of the best stocks in the world, but even as a modest stock in a relatively stable food market, it has done well and the charts make all that very clear. As of today, If I had to write one of the remaining nephews a check, it would be for about $560!

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