Monday, January 09, 2006

A Discussion RE Bush

You do have awesome, intelligent conversations .... soon, i must start a new blog called "the stuff I get in my email". Importantly, Carl, your forums seem to draw a lot of divergent points of view. I remain, happily, your right wing dupe, and good friend, Vic
From Carl Z ...
Bill, Peter and Vic:
Thank you for your comments on Bush's speech (12/18/05). IMO we are living in an Orwellian nightmare in which Bush, the Neo-Cons, Saddam, Bin Laden and Sharon are employed by Big Brothers who are powerful global business interests. These interests are exemplified by the Bilderbergs:, and weapons & military technology, gas, construction and heroin giants. I’m adding oil importers who buy Mideast oil cheap and resell it at high profits in the USA.
Citizens & soldiers in USA, Iraq. Afghans, other involved countries, Al Qaeda and terrorists are pawns. Why are easy-to-control mediocrities, such as Bush, Rumsfeld and the Neo-Cons, conducting these wars? In WW2, FDR was assisted by top technical,
business and sociological intellectual and talented people. Today, for example, some young top business intellectuals compete for No.1 position developing resorts and gambling casinos for Donald Trump on the "Apprentice" TV show. And Martha Stuart is jailed, then conducts her own "Apprentice" TV show. Excellent diversions!
Carl (the comments pror to this were basically leftwing vs rightwing and of course, I was right and lefty was wrong...vic)

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